Had it all

Live is sometimes better

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No words...

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Love Sex Magic

New obsession

Jag kan inte sluta lyssna på den, speciellt inte när Justin sjunger.
Jag har märkt att jag alltid tar med lite av låttexten, but I can't help it.

I turn my head to the east
I don't see nobody by my side
I turn my head to the west
Still nobody in sight
So I turn my head to the north,
Swallow that pill
That they call pride
The old me is dead and gone,
The new me will be alright

Stuck with each other



If I were a boy

In the way

Hot N cold

New Kids on the block & Ne-yo

sometimes you can't make it on your own

That's what you get

muy bien!

cry me a river

en klassiker


"Were you right, was I wrong
Were you weak, was I strong, yeah
Both of us broken
Caught in the moment
We lived and we loved
And we hurt and we joked, yeah
But the planets all aligned
When you looked into my eyes
And just like that
The chemicals react"

One love

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